After 10 years of punk shows and releasing 4 albums these butcher maniacs are still alive and kicking; In fact they have just revealed their fifth album called 'Bad Blood'. This piece of premium punk sounds like a shit load of raw flesh hitting the deep frying pan while standing between two freight trains passing by. This album sure has balls and contains eleven (19 min.) of the most aggressive, pissed off, uncompromising and sarcastic HC /Punk songs that has ever been brought into this world. It makes your beer taste even better!

If you're into really raw punk then don't hesitate - get your credit card out and order your copy today!

If you want to order our latest album 'Bad Blood', just send the details of your order to . This includes the amount info as well as a current mailing address.

We will calculate the shipping cost* and send you a confirmation with the total costs and our account information.

Once the money is transfered to our account, we will send you the goods via normal postal services.

*For example, shipping costs for one CD within the Netherlands costs €2,25.


The Butcher

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