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We will calculate the shipping cost* and send you a confirmation with the total costs and our account information.

Once the money is transfered to our account, we will send you the goods via normal postal services.

*For example, shipping costs for one CD within the Netherlands costs €2,25.


Bad Blood €10,-
April 2007 / Butcher Records

Mass Destruction Manual €10,-
Febr 2003 / Gangstyle Records

Assassins At Your Service Sold Out
May 1999

Compilation V/A €5,-
Astro Zombies
Febr 2003 / Gangstyle Records

Compilation V/A €5,-
D.R.I. Tribute
Aug 2002 / Maltsoda Records


Army Of Apocalypse €10,-
March 2005 / U Scream Records

Backyard Burial €8,-
April 2001 / Core Records

Compilation V/A €5,-
Greetings From Eindhoven Rockcity
May 2004 / Royal3 Records

Compilation V/A €5,-
Assassins At Your ServiceSold Out
Sept 2003 / Gangstyle Records

Compilation V/A €5,-
Respect Your Roots
March 2001 / I-Scream Records